Why is being B-BBEE complaint important you may ask?

BEE is essentially a buyers’ club. If you have a BEE Certificate then your clients can claim BEE points on their BEE Scorecard for using your services.

You can get different level BEE certificates (from level 8 to level 1) depending on what contributions you have made to black people from your business. The better level of BEE Certificate you have the more BEE points they can claim.

According to BEE.co.za – When your customers are choosing which supplier to use they are likely to look at price, quality and service and your BEE Score. Depending on how important BEE points are to your customer, the more they will consider your BEE Score over the other three elements.

IMVUSA TRANSPORT is BEE compliant with a score compliant score of 6.

To  view the B-BBEE certificate of Imvusa Transport  please visit our Homepage where it can be downloaded easily.

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